A Passionate People

We are a people who are passionately in love with God and strive to live for Him and for others in the best way we know how. We are enthusiastic about studying the Bible, for in its pages we come to know God better, and gain counsel on how to have a happy and fulfilling life. We meet together every week on the seventh-day Sabbath (hence the first part of our name) to worship and fellowship, and we love it when new folk come and join with us. We are excited because we believe that Jesus is soon going to come back to earth and take us up to Heaven to live with Him (hence the second part of our name). While we eagerly anticipate that event, we want to share this great news with as many Tasmanians as possible, to give them hope and encouragement amid the doom and gloom around us.

We feel really privileged to have the promises of the Bible and so it is our vision to continue to “know, experience and share our hope in Jesus Christ” until He comes!


Meet the Team

President/Ministry for Ministers

Gary Webster

President/Ministry for Ministers/Personal ministries/Sabbath School/Communications

Pr Gary Webster became the President of Tasmania Conference in 2016. He is also the South Pacific Division (SPD) evangelist and Director of the SPD Institute of Public Evangelism. He has been a gospel minister for over 35 years. During this time he has served as a church pastor, theology lecturer, Conference administrator, Ministerial Secretary, Union and Division evangelist, Adventist Media Network’s Discovery Centre Bible School Director and editor of the magazine Archaeological Diggings.
He and his wife Merilyn feel very privileged to be part of the Tasmanian team. “I see a conference filled with the Spirit and on fire for Christ, where members love Jesus deeply and actively seek to bring others to Him through their unique gifts. Through the Spirit of God and His grace Merilyn and I will be bending all our energy to do our part to make this happen,” he said.


be pushed outside
your comfort zone be pushed outside
your comfort zone

Mark Falconer


Pr Mark Falconer has had the privilege to serve in ministry for 20 years and has served on both islands in New Zealand, sunny south Queensland, South New South Wales and now in Tasmania. Though over the years it has afforded many challenges, Mark says it has been a real joy to serve God over those years. It is said that Tasmania is the place where ‘real’ woman are found – that is true – Tassie has given him a wonderful gift with Deborah whom he married in 2012. Mark was born in Christchurch, NZ and of course has never lost his love for the All Blacks.

Youth Ministry/Sabbath School/Personal Ministries

the love of Christ
compels us the love of Christ
compels us

Daniel Matteo

Youth Ministry/Hilliard Christian School Chaplain

Pr Daniel Matteo loves to spend time with all kinds of people, and especially outdoors.

Daniel’s vision is to mentor young people to become workers for God’s kingdom through service, fellowship and the teaching and proclamation of His Word.

Daniel is married to a high-school teacher: Katy, and has two children, Grace and Samuel.


enabling people to achieve
their full health potential enabling people to achieve
their full health potential

Natasha Jordan

Director for Adventist Health Ministries in Tasmania

Mrs Natasha Jordan is married with two adult children. She has studied a Bachelor of Health Science at the University of Tasmania with a focus on public health and lifestyle. Her interest and training in health encompasses all aspects of personal health which includes emotional, social, mental, physical, societal and spiritual health areas.

Her role is to support, assist and coordinate various health programs that our health department has to offer throughout Tasmania.

Women’s Ministries

learn, love and live
like Jesus learn, love and live
like Jesus

Krystal Harder

Women's Ministries Director

Mrs Krystal Harder is a wife, mother and active within her local church and community. With a Bachelor of Education from Avondale College she has taught from Kindy to Year 10. Krystal has been involved in Children’s Ministries, Youth Ministries and Women’s Ministries since her teens with a few breaks between. She is passionate about encouraging individuals to have an active personal relationship with Jesus and step out in faith to see Him equip and develop character, gifts and skills. She enjoys time in nature, company of family and friends, reading, family adventures and travel.

Her role is to assist in training women, encourage women to reach their God given potential, support women in their ministries, coordinate Conference retreats and programs for girls, teens and women. This is done in conjunction with other departments within our Tasmanian Conference. Her vision is for girls, teens and women of all ages to be living for God and transforming their families, friendship circles and communities through their active services.