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There are many reasons people say 'Yes' to Jesus, and to being a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Tasmania. Take a look at some testimonies from some of our members.

Why choose Tasmania?

The Story of Margy and Stuart Barons

In 2018, Margy Barons and her husband Stuart visited her sister Marilyn, who was living in Brighton, Tasmania. On at least three occasions Margy remarked how she had forgotten how nice Tasmania was and she would love to live here again, to which Stuart replied 'that would not happen'. Margy, not to be put off, ceased verbalising her desire to her husband, but petitioned the Lord to change Stuarts heart. Three months later, ‘out of the blue’, Stuart tells his wife “we are going to Tassie". Who was she to argue? They had lived in 38 other dwellings in their marriage, so another move wasn’t to be feared. Over the course of many months, internet properties were perused and refined down to a small number of possibilities. Driving from Batemans Bay to Sydney to fly down from there, most of the possibilities they thought were available became sold and only one was left to look at. This property near Colebrook had appeared for some time, but with an existing tenant and an extended lease, buyers were reluctant to purchase it. The week the Barons looked at the property, the estate agents had procured another house for the tenant to lease, and so the house became vacant. The Barons put in an offer that day and paid the full price the following day.

On June 25, 2019, the Barons arrived in Devonport via the ferry and were met by the scenes of a winters wonderland as the trees around Campbeltown were covered in frost at minus 3 degrees, positively warm after the minus 7 from the day before. Rosny church became their home church and were drawn to it because of the beautiful people who attended there and their engagement in community service by the work of Danny’s Bus. Once a month the Barons now run the bus on a Friday night, providing nourishment and a voice of encouragement to another group of God’s children. Margy got her way with relocating to Tasmania, as when the Spirit impresses, how can you say ‘No'?

Be careful what you pray for, as ‘the desires of your heart’ may just come true.

Find your purpose in Christ, serve your church and community in different ways. Live life abundantly.

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