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Personal Ministries

Family ministries

For many people, the start of their spiritual journey began in the home.

Our very first mentors and examples of Christ in our lives came from our first parents and guardians. The first example of a relationship we a given is from our own parents, from whom we learn how it feels to be loved and nurtured.

The strength of a Church is built on the home, therefore, it is important to ensure the relationships within the family unit are built on an unwavering foundation. This is the focus of Family Ministries. We run events that double-down on strengthening relationships in both the church and family units. For couples, we have Couple Enrichment Days which we run both in the North and the South of the state. There are also seminars called Dealing with Conflict and Coping with Stress for anyone will to be involved.

If you are hoping to build better relationships or perhaps improve the current ones you have, be sure to get involved with the events we have lined up for this year!

Find your purpose in Christ, serve your church and community in different ways. Live life abundantly.

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