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Health Programs

The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP)

Having trouble with your health? Would you like a wholistic approach based on scientific research and Biblical principles? Check out the Complete Health Improvement Program, or CHIP!

This program has helped many people overcome their issues with weight and reversing their risk of chronic diseases. Also, what used to be an in-person program has now turned online! Check out the website below for the next availabilities and learn how to be involved.

The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) - CHIP Health

Foods that Heal, Foods that Kill

In 2022, we were visited by Dr Sue Radd, an expert in nutrition and how the foods we choose to consume impact our health. Writer of the book 'Foods that Heal, Foods that Kill', Dr Radd is passionate about educating others on improving their overall health outcome by making informed decisions on the food they choose each day.

Not only does Dr Radd have a book and many scientific papers to back up her findings, she also wrote a cook book titled 'Food as Medicine'. This cook book acts as a wonderful guide for anyone who would like to take on her advice and aren't sure where to start. It provides a practical means to the theory she teaches.

Find your purpose in Christ, serve your church and community in different ways. Live life abundantly.

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